Merry Christmas


Ode to canned milk

condmilkWhile gathering all my goods for holiday baking today… a fond memory of a jingle my Grandfather wrote for a “Carnation Milk Contest” popped into my head…

“Here I stand,

So tall and grand,

With a can of Carnation

                                                           In my hand.


No tits to pull,

No hay to pitch,

Just punch a hole 

In the son of a bitch.”

I miss you grandpa!

A memory test

We are true Minnesotans now, doncha know!!

It’s like shuffleboard on ice….. and it is the cause of my stiff body this morning.  Yesterday Tea and I ventured out to the St. Paul Curling Club to engage in 3 hours of rock tossing on some slippery ass ice with some of Tea’s co-workers.  The object of curling is much like shuffleboard, except you slide a stone with a handle attached to it down an alley of ice.  Your teammates run ahead of your stone as it slides down the ice, sweeping like Mr. Clean trying to scrub the ice in order to allow your stone to travel further.   The tricky part is keeping your balance on the ice while sliding your stone.  Luckily, neither of us ended up in the hospital with anything broken.   Oh….. our team won too!

This weekend

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum


days and counting til we get to see the best friends anyone could have!!!

A Family Weekend

Mama Tea and Papa Tea came this weekend for their first visit to Minneapolis…. or Minneannapolis as they call it.  Those Southerners have their own language.  

On our list of to do’s with the folks:

-touring the city

-checking out the lakes

Minnehaha Falls

Stillwater, MN (such a cute quaint little river town)

apple picking (DELICIOSO)

Stella’s Fish Cafe, Galactic Pizza, Loring Pasta Bar, Egg & I, and French Meadow Bakery.

-polar bear sex…. (This is only for those of you who know that joke)

Always a joy to see Mama and Papa Tea.  They are headed back to Alabama now where nobody will notice  their mispronouncing of Minneannapolis 🙂